Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book for a part of a term?

If you are going away or know that you can't make a full term you can book for part of a term. You must pay your fee by Bank Transfer ONLY.  There is a link to the pro-rata price list on the home page. You need to email us on to advise that you are enrolling for part of the term and the price will be confirmed by return email. You can then transfer that amount by Bank Transfer. Please remember that we do not refund or transfer fees once payment has been received or during the term.

Which class should I choose for my non-crawling baby?

If your baby is 7 months - 12 months of age you should book into a 7-12 Month c class whether your baby is crawling, creeping or not mobile. All non-mobile babies under 7 months of age should go into a 2-7 month class. 

You can make up your missed class anytime during the term. Just look at our timetable and choose a similar class and just turn up. No need to book, text, phone or email.

Can I try a class before I enrol?

Level 1 & 2. We offer 1 free trial. Please press the "Book a Trial" tab on the homepage. This will take you to our timetable. Click on the class and it will give you the option to "Trial" 

Level 2/3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 . We offer a 3 week trial for $75 (non-refundable). Please book online into your preferred class and pay at your first class by eftpos or cash. One make up class is offered if you miss a trial. IF YOU ENROL AFTER YOUR TRIAL CLASSES WE GIVE YOU ONE WEEK FREE.

TRIALS ONLY AVAILABLE IF THERE IS SPACE IN THE CLASS, if the Trial quota has filled it will not give you the option to trial but only enrol. We have limited places available for trials so as not to overfill our classes. Please note that classes marked RED on the timetable are full and therefore you cannot attend one of these classes as a trial. Trials are for first time users only and MUST BE PRE-BOOKED - TRIAL BOOKINGS OPEN 1 WEEK BEFORE TERM START.

Can I come on a casual basis?

You can come casually but can only attend classes marked orange or green. Red Classes are already full. Casual fee is $30 cash

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